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APDU Batch files support
APDU Batch mode

It is a very useful toolset for working with smart cards. It intended for grouping of many APDUs in one command set.

An APDU set's editor contain the commands grid and a toolbar.

The following groups of commands are present:

  • the batch files support: - "New", "Open", "Save", "SaveAs", prevoius opened files list;
  • an APDU lines editing: - create, delete, edit, move, copy, paste;
  • an APDU lines exchange: - the mouse drag-and-drop commands;
  • an APDU executing and tracing: Step, Run, Run To;
  • file autoload: - the last opened batch file may be loaded automatically on the next start of the Card Explorer window;
  • batch autoexecute: - the opened batch file may be executed (Run command) automatically on the each card opening;

From version v3.0 you can use the commands names in your batch files according to COS Commands templates.

Look on the column named "Command". There are command names there. How it works? The batch-processor gets the command name from the "Command" field and call the COSLookUp function. If the COS Commands Template contain this command and if the Cla and Ins parameters are present in the template the batch-processor inserts Cla and Ins parameters from template into an APDU.

Batch Sample

You can see the Reader Window (Card Explorer) of a Smart Card ToolSet v2.1.1 PC/SC in a real work with a Schlumberger Payflex USER 4K smart card.

These smart cards are used as protected electronic purses.

According to the "PAYFLEX ... Reference manual" we can read the electronic purse's balance from this card.

You can see on this picture the results of reading of a purse's balance from a real cmart card.

The APDU Batch file "Payflex USER Money Info.bfl" was loaded end executed. All APDU parameters and comments are good visible at the bottom of window inside editor.

This package of commands is executed by just one button pressing.

There are results in the APDU Events history grid at the top of this window.

Look on the last line in the history. The DataOut field contain the following data : 00 04 00 07 A5 08. According to the "PAYFLEX ... Reference manual" the right 4 bytes of this data is a hexadecimal value of the balance!

Convert 0007A508 from hexadecimal value to a decimal value using program Calculator from MS Windows : 0x0007A508 = 501000. The electronic purse's balance value is 501000.

It's all. We successfully have read the balance value of a purse on this smart card using an APDU Batch mode of a program.


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